Thursday, April 29, 2010

DN : Blind One Hard Mode

OTG took it's first run at fighting the Blind One in hard mode. We used previously aqquired locks for the Trolls and pushed "quickly and recklessly" through the trash mobs to the BO chambers in under 30 minutes.

For people that have not done or read about this fight, it is akin to doing the BO with the Troll mushrooms, Istum's crawlers, Flagit's shield, and the Mistress' spores.

We set up for the fight as we initially would, using two tanks in the center and the rest of the raid spread out 12m apart. I put a champs at two of the three portals and the LM at the thrid to help control the spores when they spawned. The first mushroom spawn went ok as thebraid shifted away from the mushrooms. The second spawn put a mushroom on the tank group. The tanks moved the BO out to the edge and the raid squished over to one side. A red eye went onto the raid and before people could scatter four or five were down. A wipe insued shortly after.

The second attempt was nearly the same: manageble until the tank group had to move for a mushroom.

With no tangable reward for completion, it will be some time before we head back to his fight. It would take quite a bit of time to work out a new strat for each phase. This is nearly a completely new fight with the added dynamics. I am very impressed that PM was able to do this fight at level 60!

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