Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DPS LM : Viable Raid Option?

Over the past few weeks I have been experimenting with my DPS spec LM in a ranged DPS raid slot. The results aren't quite straightforward: LMs can maintain quite good dps only as long as they can use AoE attacks. If a fight requires CC in tight quarters, the LM becomes a gimped DPSer compared to RK, HNT, and even a CHMP.

A DPS LM works great in DN for the most part. The excpetions are DMM trash pulls, the BO fight, and to some extent, the middle portion of the trolls. The major problem is the BO encounter: inductions make LMs ineffective Darkling killers, the acid aura keeps them out of melee range, and they can't use AoE in the final phase when the DPS race kicks in.

There are some DN fights that a LM excels in, including the Mistress. LMs can put out a substantial amount of AoE damage in a type of damage most mobs can be debuffed heavily to.

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