Tuesday, March 23, 2010

RK : 1st Age or 3rd Age

After spending a week working on RK LIs and doing a week of testing, here are some thoughts.

65 3rd Age Stone - Finding the perfect stone was a long trek for me, as I was demanding it be lightning damage and have four legacies: storm damage, storm critical, penetrate, and battle power cost. After taking 14 LIs to level 31 I finally found a keeper. This stone added around 16% damage in testing over my 1st Age level 60. Part was due to the tactical base rating plus the additional T9 relics and T3 crafter relics.

65 3rd Age Bag - I was content with my 59 1st Age because of the added points and becuase it doesn't have a tactical base stat. Based on the additional damage from the stone I decided to find a bag and get some T9 and crafted relics in it. I found a bag with CA power, SS damage, and SM return. I leveled it up, got a scroll on it, slotted relics. The results were suprising: nearly 8% more damage. That increase is pretty significant!

My RK now has a tactical damage output of 10,040 which is just above the on-level base cap, and gets up to 11k with will food and scrolls.

Work up a few LIs and get your relics up to T9 for tactical gems and you'll see almost 25% more damage!

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