Thursday, March 18, 2010

RK : Calming Verse

Calming verse is one of a RKs most potent spells, however, a fair few RK use it correctly. This skill really should remain double traited and RKs should keep it up at all times.

There are two major things a RK needs to consider in a raid environment: damage/power ratio and aggro generation. Normally these are directly related: as dmg goes up so does aggro and power usage. To maxamize our usable damage, we need to increase our dmg/power ratio and/or limit our aggro generation.

CV is so helpful because it works on both these at once. Traited CV increases our dmg/power ratio by 10% while dropping our aggro generation by 20%. It addresses both of our limiting factors, and it does it with a instacast (cast on the run) spell.

RK should double trait this spell an get used to reapplying it evey time it comes off. It will me your raid, and your epeen, very happy.

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