Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How To : Duo Sword Halls Part 1

By popular request, my tips on how to duo the Sword Halls 3-man.

Challenge 1 : Fire Guy

The first wave is one signature and two normal mobs. This should be fairly easy. The sig has a heal that can be interrupted while the fire trail can not be.

The second wave is two signature and one normal mob. Try and interrupt the heal induction to burn them faster.

The fire boss can be a pain, but if you understand his specials you will be fine. The main special is only interruptable by a conjunction and he bends down to the ground. This is the fire snake, and he needs to be kited to avoid fire wound that will stack. The other special is interruptable and he reaches into the air. Following this special you can stand and attack him until he does the fire snake special.

Take your time and avoid the fire. Remove his corruption for a heal if needed.

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