Thursday, January 7, 2010

Class : Rune Keeper : DPS

Every raid leader out there has one class that they are tougher on than other based on their own playstyle, and for me that class is the rune keeper. If you have raided with me as one, sorry ;).

The RK is an easy class to play (especially solo) but a difficult class to play well (especially in a raid). RKs tend to have two major problems in raids, both of which can be partially corrected through class traits: aggro management and power consumption. In addition to slotting class traits, adjustments to your skill rotations can increase your dps and lower your power consumption significantly.

The easiest change for most people will be slotting two class traits: Linnod of Subtlelty and Overflowing Confidence. Slotting these two traits and using them will not only control your aggro generation and power consumption but it will also increase your damage output.

Every fight should start with Calming Verse running. Keeping Calming Verse up everytime it's up will increase dps and drop aggro generation. Using Cleansing Fires will also help with threat reduction.

Traited Self Motivation is an extremely important RK skill in prolonged combat. In the first half of a fight a RK can use Self Motivation to keep their power topped. In the latter half of a fight Self Motivation is a perfect complement to using Epic Conclusion, as it counteracts the penalty on power consumption.

The next step to managing power is to examine skill rotations. This can be done by parsing your skill damage with Cstats and adding skill power cost to the spreadsheet to get a handle on not only what skills net the highest damage but what each point of damage cost you. I was able to increase dps by 15% and drop power use by 20% by changing my rotation.

The last, and most crutial, step is to make sure you are watching your buff bar. Here are some tips:

1.) Never use Epic Conclusion without Harsh Debate and Thunderous Words active. Having the dps increase from these buffs is the only way it makes the damage/power ratio worth it. Also make sure Calming Verse is running!

2.) Always build argument using Ceaseless Argument. This skill is the best damage/power skill and it gets your attunement and Harsh Debate up. Once attunement is up you get a much better damage/power ratio for Scribe's Spark and Shocking Words and you limit aggro generation while the tank builds it.

3.) Use Self Motivation following Epic Conclusion.

4.) Use Cleansing Fires at all times and use Distracting Winds preventively if you are worried about aggro following crits.

Hope that helps your RK!

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