Saturday, January 9, 2010

Legacies : Captain

There are some extremely important legacies for raiding captains. Most captains carry at least a main weapon and a buffing weapon, as well as a main emblem and a buffing emblem.

Buffing items max out at the same numbers regardless of their level, so it makes much more sense to use level 60 or under emblems and weapons for your buffers: they are much easier to obtain (tablets) and level (use otherwise useless runes from DN and bounties).

Buffing Weapon: Look for the trifecta for buffing which is Morale from MS, Tactics: Renlentless Attack, and Tactics: On Guard. It took a bit of searching, but I did get all three on a weapon. Level those legacies up to max.

Buffing Emblem: You are looking for Tactics: Focus. This has become a more and more important raid buff as fights get longer and hunters and RKs approach capped crit rating without the RA buff.

Main Weapon: The most important legacy for raiding is the Telling Mark legacy. This is a must have for end game raids. After that To Arms duration is important for raiding capts. Ideally I like to have one or both crit legacies (devastating blow and pressing attack). Most capts will switch from 59/60 frist ages to 65 3rd ages or 2nd ages, though it's not as crutial raidwise as a dps class.

Main Emblem: The emblem makes or breaks a raid capt. The emblem needs to have rallying cry cooldown! Our kin requires it for BO/Misstress/BG becuase it makes such a huge healing difference. In addition to that, ideally, you want healing from rallying cry, vocal skills healing, valiant strike healing, strength of will healing. In addition to those primo legacies having escape from darkness and time of need cooldowns. While a perfect 65 3rd or 2nd age may be the absolute best, it will take a lot of work to tier up the legacies to max them all. For that reason a level 59 first age offers a close to perfect heal rating while providing far more useable points!

With the right legacies, stats, and gear a 9k morale raiding captian can heal the entire fellow for 750+ every 8.3 seconds with rallying cry while boosting the raids damage by 10%, plus all the killer buffs!

See you capts in raids!

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