Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Raiding : Barad Guldur

Last night twelve brave OTGers assembled for our third exploratory run at the new Mirkwood raid. Our previous attempts had taught us a bit about the initial pull as well as the gauntlet run.

We handled the initial pull of the shadow and fire twins (100k Nemesis mobs) without a problem. We spilt them using LOS and burned Shadow then Fire.

The path from the I initial pull to Durchest (first boss of BG) is called the guantlet. This is a 15 to 20 minute fight as you push your way up the tower as enemy reinforcements steadily join the fight. The tricky part of this run in the Uruks who do massive AoE damage. We used two guardians on this run with one taking front and one rear guard, handling the Uruks as they came. The ranged DPS group burned the Uruks as the melle group dealt with wargs and goblins. We moved square to square and handled the run with little problem (even with having to wait for my LD in the middle). There was one rough period with three Uruks but we were able to recover. At the top of the stairs we handled the shadow gate keepers with the guards splitting and ranged DPS burning.

Durchest was up next and with our previous wipe on him, we were extra careful. The gauntlet does not turn off until he is cleared so stakes are high. Durchest has some tricks up his sleeve! Until 160k he summons adds which are 49k fire or shadow axe men. He puts out a fear which must be cleared. He has a scripted distributed damage attack. And just to make things fun he stacks an aggro debuff on the tank. Oh yeah, should anyone die in the last phase, he heals a bit (by a bit I mean 200k). With a few deaths we were able to power though for our first clear of lock 1 in BG.

Everyone got two medallions. We got 6 copper settings and 4 40k ixp runes. The SK loot was the BG Boots and a caster necklace.

We spent the next hour working on trash between boss one and two. There are some crazy new things going on.

Stayed tuned for a BG update next week!

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